TS is located on Av. CTM on the corner of 1ra Norte, Zazil- Ha. Its tropical weather, beautiful beaches, varied flora and fauna and countless alternative tourism activities invite you to explore this exotic destination. Taking a walk through the famous Quinta Avenida gives you the chance to taste its extensive regional, national and international gastronomy. You can access first level shops, bars, night clubs, cigar shops, spas, coffee shops and more. With a contemporary style TS at 46 th is built upon a surface of 1,358 sq.m and will have two basements, 5 levels of luxury apartments and an amazing roof garden. This project will have more than 800 sq. m of common areas, beautiful terraces, balconies and a great outdoor garden. The main access will have a cumaru wood-based floor, walls and drop ceiling covered with ceramic wood. The facades will be made of materials from the region like woods and fine ceramic. It will have an amazing exterior latticework, walls covered with vertical gardens besides the warm elements and marble floors.

Delivery April 2018


  • Roof pool and Garden
  • Sky Bar
  • Ocean View from the roof


  • Spa with Sauna,
  • Gym
  • Elevator
  • TV
  • A\C
  • Full Kitchen
  • Balcony

Property Features

  • Air Conditioning
  • Full kitchen
  • Gym
  • Ocean view
  • Rooftop pool
  • Sky bar lounge
  • Spa